Efficiency in Building Complex Apps

Hello. I am experimenting with Vaadin for the past month and I was wondering If it possible to build complex UI’s and do complex data bindings with Vaadin. By complexity I mean having a UI with Tabs that have other Tabs and so on , with Tables that show data that have many levels of nesting. Something like the “enterprise app add-on” but with much more data level nesting and ui complexity.

Is it possible without too many customizations. All the demos I see are simple Master detail forms and a Menu with a few Tabs.

Can anyone point me to some other demos besides the VaadinTunes and Enterpise app.

Thank you.

Yes, you can nest as many components and layouts as you want. At some point the UI will start to get sluggish because the heavy JS and DOM action that is going on, but that is unavoidable with other web based frameworks as well.

For example apps, take a look at
for real-life Vaadin apps.

Thank you Thomas. Seeing the screenshots of the real world apps I noticed some that are close to what I have in mind. Nesting layouts is not good, I have bad experience with that. Anyway I saw by searching the website that much of the fuctionality I want will be included in Vaadin 7 so I guess I will have to wait for the final release of it.

Just out of curiosity, what problem have you seen with nested layouts? I don’t think it’s odd to have a vertical layout on a page, then divide that into a horizontal one for into and another for a tab sheet. Then each tab contains a layout object with more components, layouts, etc. The main app on which I work has a tab sheet, and one of those tabs contains a table and an accordion (vertical tabs), with each of those tabs containing more components/layouts. This works fine for us, though from the developer side a class can get hard to follow if you don’t break it up into logical pieces.

You can also try CssLayout or CustomLayout for more control without nesting things so much.