Editing themes

I was just watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-mp5E-T88o and when talking about themes, the speaker showed a page that had all the components on one view for styling purposes.

Is this something that can be done any any app or was this a tutorial? Either way, how can I find it?

With a quick look I couldn’t find the time in the video where
was showing that, but if you can say the time closer I can have a look at what view he was showing.

For theming there’s always the Chameleon theme, which you can browse on
and get as a
Vaadin add-on

And here the link, without the smiley to the rest of you readers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-mp5E-T88 o (without the space character)

I think it is
that you are referring to? I found it in the repositories and it seems to be included in the “All platforms” package that you can download on the main site.

You can also download it directly from
. The file extends Application and doesn’t seem to have any outisde dependencies, so it should be easy enough to drop it into any Vaadin app. Then just modify the first row, setTheme(“reindeer”);, to refer to you own theme and start tweaking around!

I think the time is in 39 min. Seems like it always wants to throw that smiley in there. I couldn’t get the clickable url without it, so I’m just goona post the link! The link has the time stamp in it.


Ah, I had also forgot about that one. Thanks :slight_smile: