Editing Components Inside Grid (Vaadin 8) vs Tables (Vaadin 7)

In Vaadin 7 editable fields in tables had an obvious look of an editable field.
In Vaadin 8 they look like plain text and the user is required to double click to edit them.
I’d like to know if there is a method I can call to preserve the style of Vaadin 7 without using the Vaadin 7 transition mode.
See images v7 and v8

There are two approaches I can propose to you.

If you want to have almost exactly same look and feel, you could check the
Grid Renderers Collection
add on. That features collection of editable renderers which behaves as you describe and have some additional nice features like evening from edits.

Alternatively you could try
add-on. This approach is not exactly like what you are looking for. This add-on is helper for Grid’s unbuffered editor. You get handy keyboard shortcuts, single click editor opening, editor eventing etc.

Thanks Tatu, I’ll give it a try.