Editable Table: Turn label into textField

Hi all,

I have a table where I have some items containing several properties (String-values).
If the property has no value, there should be an editable textfield.
If the property has a value, it should be presented like a non editable value (e.g. a label).
But the “non editable” is just presentation. By Clicking on the value (a certain cell in the table) only this one cell should turn into an editable textfield.

If all cells in my table were a textfields (enabled and disabled), I would always have this border around them.

My question:
Is there a way to make textfields look like a label or to turn labels inside a table into a textfield by clicking on the label?

I do this using generated columns. The component I generate is a TextField with listeners for the focus and blur events that turn “readOnly” on/off. A TextField that is read-only looks like a label except that it has “the right size” and a cursor/pointer that indicates that it can be edited.