Editable table is disabled when contained in TabSheet


I have the following problem. I have an editable table in a Tabsheet. Now when it is placed in a tab that is NOT selected on starting up the application everything is fine. However if it is placed on the selected Tab on starting up the application all fields are disabled. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

It sounds like this could be a bug in Vaadin, but I can’t reproduce it based on your description. Can you pinpoint any other details that are contributing to the problem?

This is the code that I used to test the issue. The fields in both tables are always editable for me with Firefox 10 on OS X using Vaadin 6.7.6.

    protected void setup() {
        TabSheet tabSheet = new TabSheet();
        tabSheet.addTab(createTable(), "Tab 1");
        tabSheet.addTab(createTable(), "Tab 2");

    private Table createTable() {
        Table table = new Table();
        table.addContainerProperty(PROPERTY, String.class, "");
        table.addItem(new Object[] { "value 1" }, new Object());
        return table;


Thanks for the reply. Ok I think it is because I am using an addon called Filtering Table, which extends the Vaadin table and adds search filters to the columns. So the issue is as before, but I actually tried clicking on a column header and this enabled the table, however not the searches. So I presume its from the addon. Thanks anyway.