Editable Table check if modified or retrieve the Field

I have a Table that is editable in my Form, but I’m not sure how to determine if the data in the Table has been modified or not. The Table.isModified() seems to return false even if I’ve changed some of the values in my Table.

Also, is there a way to retrieve the Field used inside the Table? I’d like to be able to retrieve the embedded TextField so I can automatically select the initial text value when a new row/item is added to the Table.


Table is a Field itself, and its modified flag refers to its value, i.e. the selection.

If the fields are in the model (Container) of the table, you can simply loop over them or get one with the item and property identifiers. If the fields have been generated (edit mode, field factory or generated column), there might not be a simple way to find the instance after its creation, so you will probably have to somehow intercept the field creation and get a reference from there. Note that a field can get generated multiple times.