edit line in Grid with single click

Right now, in Vaadin 7 Grid, you have to double click a line to edit it. Is there anyway to make it easier on the users and just let them single click it to enter edit mode?

Also, out of curiosity, why is this the default behavior? Is this normal for webapps? Not saying it is right or wrong, just seeing if maybe my boss and I are missing some useability issue that is made easier or more convenient with double clicking a line to edit it.

You can workaround this by just using grid.addItemClickListener() and call grid.editItem(…) with the itemid that you can get from the event.

GridFastNavigation add-on
I think opening the editor with single click is quite natural, and requested by many users, thus it was added to , and the add-on has also opening the editor by typing feature as well.