ECS mvn clean install -Pproduction stuck at "Running Vite" (Solved - Low RAM)

Hello! As stated on the title, i am trying to run mvn clean install -Pproduction On an ECS instance, so I can deploy my Vaadin app to a Docker container.
However, it is currently stuck in the final steps of build. Does anyone know of a possible solution?

I compiled a jar locally for testing, and locally it runs fine (left). But on the EC2 instance(right) it will not run vite even after a jar was made

it stops at “started application”, when it should have started vite and the frontend

can someone please help me with this? It’s a bit urgent

On EC2 you should make sure that there is only final jar available build by the production mode at runtime

im running the app on EC2 as a docker compose container. And yes, only the jar is copied to the container

If you copy the final jar to your local system and start it… does it work and is started in production mode? Should be printed in the log

but i cant build the jar or run it on the container because vite does not start

yes, it works fine

i can both build and run the jar locally with no issues

including in the local docker container i have

No sure about your container env, but make sure that nodejs is in there


I got the latest version of nodejs, and its stll stuck here then running mvn clean package -Pproduction

It never leaves Running Vite ...

Could be possible that your server environment isn’t compatible with vite, hard to tell especially with 23.2 which is not really supported anymore and 23.3 had some major improvement for vite

But looking back at that second screenshot, that looks perfectly fine. Running in production should NOT start a vite at all and opening that URL of the Ui should work

its just ubuntu, i thought it would be fine

I was using a weak ec2 instance though, only 1gb ram

ill switch to a 4gb ram instance and see if that was the problem