Eclipse won't create a Vaadin project....

I’ve been running Eclipse with Vaadin for almost 2 years now. Yesterday it decided it can’t create a Vaadin project. I spent the entire day fighting with it and finally gave up. This morning I erased my Eclipse directory and re-installed the Juno tar file. I installed the Vaadin plugin (as root). Then I went to my personal login and tried to create a Vaadin project. I selected version 6.8.4 and all the defaults and when it creates the project I get a popup saying “Failed while installing Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse 1.0. Reason Vaadin libraries installation failed”. The ‘details’ page has one line that says “index=0,size=0”. I’m assuming I have a permission problem somewhere - can someone tell me what directory I should be looking in? Where is it trying to copy libraries? Which libraries?

I installed Eclipse as root and the Vaadin plugin as root. Then I’m trying to create a project as user nbc - should I be installing the plugin as myself first? I’m going to give that a try now and see what happens…



The plug-in writes downloaded Vaadin versions in a directory that is under the Eclipse installation directory (configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download), so write permissions there are probably the problem.

I had to add group write permission to the vaadin-related directories and now it seems to be working again. My entire Eclipse environment got corrupted somehow and required a re-install, but it appears to be running properly now. Thanks!