Eclipse plugin usage

I’m starting to use the Eclipse Plugin (1.2.1) for building fast prototypes (small & simple apps) adding CustomComponent (composite). I’ve not found documentations about it, and i’d like to know if there is a way to:

1- Move components between branches in the upper right corner tree? because if you missed something at start, the only solution i found is to delete each components until the parent and then add my component and recreate all the childs i’ve just deleted / or add the component in the source sheet instead.

2- I can’t see the tabsheet in the component list and when adding it manually the plugin can’t render it (and the other components too). Is there a workaround ?

3- Is there a way to affect a listener to a component or should i do it manually, modifying the generated source code ? in the last option, what is the best way to do it, because when i add it, the plugin can’t render the app.

Any advice is welcome
thx 4 all

The component tree manipulation is quite limited at the moment; you can’t do much else but create, edit, and delete components, you can’t move them. The visual editor plugin is really experimental. We’ve planned a rework of the editor for Vaadin 6.4. Well, the plugin is separate from the Vaadin library, but anyhow, you can expect a second generation of the visual editor in some 2-3 months.

The code format of the visual editor is designed so that the source code should be nicely modifiable outside the generated code marked as “[tt]
[/tt]”. For example, you can freely modify the constructor, which is a perfect place to add listeners to the components. You can also use inheritance to modify the generated methods.

edit the autogenerated code sections, but you should be really careful not to break it. You can’t put any additional logic there, as it would vanish the next time you visit the visual editor, but you can reorganize the component tree and change the component properties.

Ok, i’ll wait next-gen plugin. I didn’t realize there were no moving abilities in the tree as i don’t use it in that way for my own code.
Ooops, :*) i’ve not seen the comment in the auto-generated constructor that says “// TODO add user code here”

thx for the fast answer,
i’ll keep a look on the roadmap for next plugin release.

if i found something strange or a bug is there any insterest to do a feedback as there will be a new plugin, or is it useless ? (example: saving modification from source sheet make the cross/star modification disappear, but on design sheet it doesn’t work, and when you try to close it or commit on svn it always ask if you want to save).

This is just one of the many know problems/limitations in the current version - it did not really keep track of modifications but assumed there are changes whenever you are on the design tab. It was fixed in the trunk recently (
), but might be partly broken again due to changes in progress.