Eclipse Plugin not compiling widgets with dependencies on another project

I have a custom widget with both server and client side classes. The server side class imports a class from another project, listed as a project dependency in Eclipse.

Vaadin’s Eclipse plug-in button to compile a project widgetset does not see the dependent project classes in it’s classpath, and thus silently ignores my widget class when compiling.

When I use the Ant build script provided with Vaadin, it tells me it can’t find the class from the dependency.

If I add the class files from the dependent project to the compile classpath in the Ant script, it builds the widgetset properly.

This seems like a bug in the Vaadin Eclipse plug-in. Where can I file it, and how do I track progress on it?

The plugin should not require me to build a JAR for my dependent project and put it in WEB-INF/lib, it should automatically find the compiled output for that project and include it in the compile path.

You can file bugs in the
bug tracker

You will need to click on “register” on the top right and create a new account (it is separate from the forum)

Then you can track the progress from there.
Don’t forget to put a link on the forum to the bug ticket so that somebody coming to this thread with a similar problem can reach the bug quickly.

This has already been reported as
issue #5961