Eclipse plugin nightlies

We have added a new Eclipse update site at

This update site contains a nightly build of the Eclipse plugin for all of you who like to try out the latest and greatest. Currently it contains only the integration plugin but the WYSIWYG plugin will be added shortly.

To get the experimental version you need to:

The plugin name is the same on both the stable update site and the experimental so it is possible to add both sites to Eclipse. Eclipse will then always get the newest version when you check for updates.

(Don’t worry that a browser says the page is not found, Eclipse finds the update site)


Is it possible to download eclipse plugin for offline use? If yes could you please provide me the link for downloading the eclipse plugin as a zip file?

Thamizharasu S

Well, one way is you can examine the site.xml of the eclipse update site:

…it lists the latest jars. The experimental version obviously also has a site.xml…

I’m not sure if the jars are published anywhere else currently. Anyone?

Best Regards,