Eclipse Maven CRUD example


I am trying to convert my project from ivy to maven. For the beginning I have created a Vaadin project in Eclipse with the maven archetype CRUD example.
Here I have my project splitted in “backend”, “production”, “ui” and “widgetset”.
But now I am having some little problems on working with this configuration.

The first problem is that on my old project I have added some 3rd party jar libs. But now I am not sure how to do that the correct way.

My second problem is that I want to use my app on a tomcat webserver. And now I don´t know how to export the whole project as WAR file. I have tried to export the “ui” which is the only module I can export as WAR but then on my tomcat server it shows that my custom Javascript components are not loaded. So something is missing.

Could anyone help me with this problems?

Is there any documentation about the Eclipse CRUD example?

Best Regards


I have solved the second problem. I have changed a package name and forgot to change the javascript connector folder structure.
But I still dont know how to import a 3rd party library the correct way. I have copied the jars to “production” in src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/lib but I think that they aren´t recognized and that I am missing something.


I would try including your external .jar files as Maven dependencies to a project (whichever project they are used in) and letting Maven handle them. Use mvn install:install-file to add them to your local repository if they’re not available elsewhere.

To get the deploable .war file, run mvn clean install on the root pom, not just the UI. That should build all of the projects and create a .war file for the UI project which includes the required .jars.