Eclipse Luna, Vaadin 7, and J2EE Preview

First, I’m certain that I’m missing something fundamental, so please bear with me.

On a fresh install of Eclipse Luna & Vaadin 7, I start a new project with the wizard, and select J2EE Preview as the server. An application is created that appears fine, and I can send it to the previewer. To keep things simple, everything is left at the default settings.

This yields the following:

So, instead of running the Vaadin code, it appears to be showing me the contents of WebContent. I’ve looked around for various ways to correct this, although everything I’ve run across appears to be for older versions of Vaadin, older versions of Eclipse, and universally, does not work.

At any rate, what I’m looking for is relatively simple: what bridges the gap between a new, default project, and the ability to see it run in J2EE preview?


I know you said you looked around already for an answer but did you try!/thread/4717308/4775108
yet? It seems like your exact problem…working in Vaadin 6 but returning the directory when used with a Vaadin 7 project.

Ah, this approach does work. Although I could quibble that it’s a separate version of jetty and not the J2EE previewer, I’m not stuck on the previewer. Thanks

Probably is but as far as i know (and people probably will correct me on this) the J2EE preview is actually based of Jetty or a different version or something. Like i said i don’t really know but RunJettyRun definiately seems like a good replacement when it comes to Vaadin 7.
Glad it worked.