Eclipse compile scss after save


when i edit the sytles and mytheme.scss files in my Eclipse they will be deploy on the tomcat server, however the changes in these files will not be merged with the styles.css. Because of this the styles in the WebApp are of course out of date. I can edit the styles.css directly but i don’t think that’s the idee ;). I have the Vaadin Plugin installed in Eclipse and the Project has the Facet as well. How do you handle this?



if you have explicitly compiled the SCSS theme (by using theme compile from vaadin plugin) and thus there is a styles.css file in your theme folder, your theme will no longer be compiled automatically.

During development you shouls usually delete the styles.css (or not create it in the first place) and let vaadin compile the theme automatically. When it’s time for deployment you can compile the final styles.css and let the server serve that.


Hi Tepi

Just do it right and it works :D.