EasyUpload IE8 : JSESSIONID is undefined

I’m facing a problem, that I can’t deal with.
I’m using the EasyUpload plugin, that rocks.
With Chrome, FF & Safari : it’s working fine.

Under Windows XP, with Internet Explorer 8, the flash component loads well. I can select a (or few) file(s).
When uploading, I’ve got a security error!.
When I look in the logs, I can see that the posted form is located at the good URL, but with a “JSESSIONID=undefined”.
The result is that nothing can be correctly posted.

Note : I’ve got this bug with/wo SSL.

Searching the forum haven’t being successful for me. So I post this msg.

Anyone can help me , please ?

Thanks !


Wild guess: Your server uses httpOnly style sessionid cookie :

The “flash fallback” then probably cannot access the cookie. If you cannot change this a workaround is possible, but rather tricky.