Dynamic menus and floating windows


we are going to refactor an existing web application implemented with Struts2, Spring and iBATIS . We have already verified that most of the business logic can be reused but we can’t figure out how some presentation features can be rewritten.
In particular, we can’t find a way to implement a dynamic menu system: application “users” are associated with a “profile” which is basically a list of “menu items”. Each MenuItem is associated to a Struts Action (between quotes the database table names). We imagine the same approach can be obtained using a MenuBar component and a list of MenuItems (as we already did actually). In this case, however, we can’t understand how to implement a dynamic Listener that can respond to a click on each selected menu item. What is the best approach for this use case? Also, is there a Vaadin 7 component equivalent to Struts Action name (stored in database table)? We suppose it is Command but don’t figure out how to do …
The second question concerns the ability to create many floating windows all inside the same browser tab (such as the MDI child used in MS Visual Studio). Some of these windows may have their own menu. Is it possible to get this specific layout using Vaadin 7?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Enzo Stefanazzi


You should be able to use the same Command for all MenuItems in a MenuBar, if that suits your need. Then you can in that Command check what the name of the MenuItem was, and execute the corresponding Struts Action.

For floating windows, you should use the Window component. And each Window component can contain their own MenuBar instance of course.

Hope this helps – if not, ask for more help!