Dynamic data - donut chart

Hi every1

Our team making a monitoring screen. There we have a chart display status of our devices. So we try to use Vaadin chart atm. But we got a little problem. We can’t make chart redraw new data.

Normally we can get current dataseries from chart, then upgrade new value, chart will redraw them.
Here the outer layer of our donut chart change over time, and we don’t want to display item with a value of zero. For example with each status we have a total of 6. For status A, this time we have 1 item with value of 3, all other with value of 0. We need to display only item with value of 3. Another time we have 2 item with value of 2, 4 other with value of 0. Then we need to display only those 2 item.

If we have 6 item in our Dataseries then item with value of 0 will have some saying there are 0 xxx for status xxxx or so.
To remove those item, currently we have to remove all item from dataseries, then add new item into dataseries each time.
Doing that make our chart didn’t refresh at all. We have to call drawChart method. But our boss don’t feel like watching chart redraw from the begining.

So can any1 help me with this case ? Did i miss out something ? How to make chart refresh ( not re-draw from begining ) with new data like that ?