Dynamic Component Layout & Size

I believe it is not possible for the user of a Vaadin application to change the size of standard Vaadin components, say a table, during runtime. Correct me if this is wrong.

Therefore, general Question here:

Which methods and mechanisms can I use in my Vaadin application to make it somehow adjust (or adjustable by the user) to various screen sizes?

For example, have the table take relative size and position to the window in which the application is run. Or have a label always go from the left to the right edge, no matter what size the brower window is (similar to the blue ribbon at the top of the vaadin.com website).


Standard Vaadin components can wihtout a doubt change their size at runtime. You can use relative Widths and height (code example: table.setWidth(“100%”) ) so that it will adjust its size to the size of the surrounding DOM Element.
Additionally use Vertical-, Horizontal-, Css- and GridLayout to align Components dynamically without using fixed positions (like when using AbsoluteLayout). Also layout.setExpandRatio(…) are quite important for this.
There should be plenty of documentation, examples, tutorials, … to create Layouts in Vaadin which isn’t fixed in size and position…