Dyanmic Image Problem in Vaadin


    I am using Vaadin 6.8.4 version . My need is to display the image from byte array which comes  from camera through dll function.   I used  Image component from Vaadin 7 .
    It displays image but how to updating image every one second  .  Should i use embedded component instead of image component since Vaadin 6.8.4 doesn't have Image component
    and which resource should i use for dynamically show the image.

    Please give solution sir.


Rajesh Thanga

Yes, in Vaadin 6 there is just the Embedded component. If you have the images in a byte array, you can use the StreamResource to serve them from a ByteArrayInputStream. To get the image update once a second, you should probably use the Refresher add-on. Because of browser caching, you need to change the file name of the resource, it should be instructed in the book.