Duplicate Drop when 2 GridRowDragger are applied to the same grid (Between

Framework version 8.3.1

We wanted to DnD beween 2 grids (Right to Left and LeftTo Right) and also being able to reorder inside one of the 2 grids (left one).

public AbonView() {
    	ArrayList<Job> Alist = new ArrayList<>();
        Grid <Job>left = new Grid<>();
        Grid <Job>right = new Grid<>();
        left.setCaption("Jobs to run");   
        right.setCaption("Available jobs ");
        left.getColumns().stream().forEach(col -> col.setSortable(false));
        left.setDataProvider(new ListDataProvider<>(Alist));
	right.setDataProvider(new ListDataProvider<>(new JobHome().loadUnchainedJobs())); //DAO request of free Jobs

        GridRowDragger<Job> leftToRight, rightToLeft, leftToLeft;

	leftToLeft = new GridRowDragger<>(left);
	leftToLeft.getGridDropTarget().addGridDropListener(e -> System.out.printf("orig Left to Left : "+Alist.toString()+"\n"));

	leftToRight = new GridRowDragger<>(left, right);
        leftToRight.getGridDropTarget().addGridDropListener(e -> System.out.printf("orig Left to Rigth : "+Alist.toString()+"\n"));

        rightToLeft = new GridRowDragger<>(right, left);
	rightToLeft.getGridDropTarget().addGridDropListener(e-> System.out.printf("orig Rigth to Left : "+Alist.toString()+"\n"));

	 addComponents(new HorizontalLayout(left, right));

To reproduce the bug, you need to provide an arrayList with values on the right grid, left grid is empty.
1: drag multiples object from right to left (More than 1)
2: drag back the ‘dragged objets’ from left to right until left grid is empty.
3: drag back 1 object from right to left and the object will be duplicated in the left grid.

if I remove the leftToLeft GridRowDragger, the issues doesn’t happend.

As far as I can see, when dragging right to left, both leftToLeft and rightToLeft DropListener are firered.

A Bug is also Submitted : [#10697]