drop item into empty table but throw NoSuchElementException

Hi, i’m new to Vaadin. I’m using vaadin 7 alpha 2, i got two table, let say table 1 and table 2. First of all, my table 1 is full of list of item and my table 2 is empty . And i wan to drag one item from table 1 to table2, but when i’m dragging the item from table1 to table 2 (before release my mouse still dragging just inside the table2 areas ) and vaadin keep throw a NoSuchElementException untill i release my dragging. So i wonder how to get rid of the exception? Anyone please?

anyone facing the same problem? Please give me some guidance. thanks!

I am also facing the same issue. When we drop an item from TreeTable to Table. It throws an exception like “Uncaught client side exception:- NoSuchElementException”.

Any Idea. While its workig fine for droping into table from another table

Old thread, but: if you can create a small application with which to reproduce this, please
create a bug report

I am having same issue. Have you found any fix to it?

I have recently opened a ticket about it (#10686) but I have not received any response yet.