Drop Down button not rendered in IE

Hi there,

I have a pretty little Vaadin application which was developed and tested using FireFox… then I tried Internet Explorer (IE7)…

Most of the rendering is OK, except the following:

  • For my actions, I used the Wizard classes of the incubator and the “next” button is invisible (I have to enlarge the dialog to force a repaint to finally see it appear). I think I can cope with this by having my buttons on a left aligned wizard button bar
  • drop down components have no drop button: I can only make the drop down list appear by using the keyboard DOWN key when the component has the focus

I wanted to use FIREBUG to inspect what was going on, but… made another post to ask how to have it in IE.

As the Vaadin demos work in IE, I am confident :smiley:

Did you already observe this ?

Do you have any Idea of how to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance,