[Drag'n'Drop] NoSuchMethodError setDragMode

Hello all!

I’m new user of Vaadin and I have one problem. I just donwloaded JAR with vaadin (vaadin-6.7.1.jar) I added it to my project in IDE.
I have created class that extends from com.vaadin.ui.Table, but when i call setDragMode(Table.TableDragMode.ROW) My IDE recognize it as valid but tomcat gives me an error:

Please help me out I am out of ideas what is wrong.


The problem looks odd. Please make the basic cleanup routines: select project folder and press F5 to refresh it, shut down the server, right-click the server and do the both two cleans in the drop-down, and restart the server.

There could be some odd library version conflict if you have an old version of the Vaadin library installed somewhere where the Tomcat finds it before the correct one.

Yes! It wokred.

The problem was thta I haven’t made clean after changing .jar file to new downloaded source of vaadin.

Thanks in advise, SOLVED.