Dragged and dropped on item become null in grid after dragevent

I enabeled dragable rows in my grid with GridDropMode.BETWEEN.
Strange thing is, after I drag an Item I can’t drag it again, as it becomes null. Same for the item I dropped on. When I drag another item the first two are draggable again. I can’t find a reason for it in my code and can’t find a way to fix it.

Did you look at Grid | Components | Vaadin Docs already?

Yes, I basically use the exact same code.



Note that DragEnd can occur even without a drop

it’s just when you stop dragging

Although I’m not sure why you need to set the dragged item to null in the first place

DragEndListner was like this in the example, I assume it is to assure that the draggedItem doesn’t produce inconsistence. Even without settig dragged item to null at DragEnd both Droped on Item and draged item are null internally even if they are visible in the grid. But if there is no common error to be seen it might is soemthing else, I keep searching

Closing this topic, if someone ist interested: Someone overwrote the hasCode method and this broke the grid behaviour. :weary: