Draggable window not draggable in mobile browser (Vaadin 7)


When i use draggable windows on mobile browser i can not drag them. I have searched about it but i found nothing. It works on web browser as i expected. Also i checked the vaadin sampler subwindow example to test if i made something wrong in my project, but vaadin sample failed too. And i realized that everything works on vaadin6. I compared css between 6-7 but no difference except outerheader cursor: move and it didn’t make any difference either. Can somebody help me about this problem?

I have tested on android tablet with both chrome and mozilla browser.
This are the samples so you can check;
http://demo.vaadin.com/sampler-for-vaadin6#Subwindow (Vaadin 6 - This one is working)
http://demo.vaadin.com/sampler/#ui/structure/window (Vaadin 7 - This one is not working)


Hey Yusuf,

Most likely a bug. Do you think you could be so kind to report it @ dev.vaadin.com?

Thanks Joacim.