DragAndDropEvent with DragStartMode.HTML5 not returning source

Hello Everyone!

I created a DragAndDropWrapper with the DragStartMode set to HTML5. When I try to get the source component in the DropHandler’s drop(DragAndDropEvent dropEvent) method, it returns the target. Am I doing something wrong?

The code below always displays the target component instead of the source.

        public void drop(DragAndDropEvent event) {
            Transferable t = event.getTransferable();
            Component source = t.getSourceComponent();

The crazy thing is when I set the DragStartMode to COMPONENT, it returns the source correctly, but I need to use HTML5.

Thank you for your time!!!

I’m having the same problem here. Some help will be greatly appreciated.


@Vaadin Beast/Elder Crisóstomo : Did you get the solution for this issue? I am facing the same problem