Drag table row to panel

I want to realize a drag drop action on my page, drag one table row to another panel in the bottom of the window to display a new personalized component by using the information of this row, but it doesn’t work, do you have any idea?

        resultTable.setDropHandler(new DropHandler()
            public AcceptCriterion getAcceptCriterion()
                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                return AcceptAll.get();
            public void drop(DragAndDropEvent event)
                DataBoundTransferable t = (DataBoundTransferable) event
                if (!(t.getSourceContainer() instanceof Container.Hierarchical)) {
                Container.Hierarchical source = (Container.Hierarchical) t

                Object sourceItemId = t.getItemId();
                // find and convert the item(s) to move
                Object parentItemId = source.getParent(sourceItemId);
                String filePath = (String) source.getItem(sourceItemId).getItemProperty("Path").getValue();
             // move item(s) to the correct location in the table
                AbstractSelectTargetDetails dropData = ((AbstractSelectTargetDetails) event
                Object targetItemId = dropData.getItemIdOver();
                if(targetItemId != null)
                    File jsonFileTmp = null;
                        String jsonStr = FileUtils.readFileToString(new File("D:\\test1.json"), "UTF-8");
                        jsonFileTmp = File.createTempFile("html", ".txt");
                        FileUtils.writeStringToFile(jsonFileTmp, jsonStr);
                    catch(IOException e)
                        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                    if(jsonFileTmp != null)
                        CustomComponent1 p = new CustomComponent1((new File(filePath)).getName(), jsonFileTmp.getName());


any idea? I saw an example using the treetable, but how to do it with a panel?