Drag/drop in a grid fashion.


I need a grid layout with each cell supporting drag/drop operation. Basically, the GridLayout is droppable target and each component added to the grid is draggable as well as droppable. I need to achieve something as demonstrated here http://jqueryui.com/demos/sortable/#display-grid

Is it possible to achieve the same in Vaadin?


Have you tried the
DragDropLayouts addon

Yes, I tried it thought I is not actually what I am looking for. In grid layout, you cannot add more than one component in the same cell. I have to manually manage removing a component and shifting it to the next cell, which might be in the next row. Also, next cell might already have some component which needs to be shifted again. This does not sound correct.

Is there any simpler way to handle this situation?


HI Larry King,

I am also looking for same requirement. Did you solve that? If so, Please post your code. I need it. I tried without DragDropLayouts addon. But I couldnt get fields positions after some drag and drops. While iterating through the grid, I am getting Wrapped component instead of original field. So, I couldn’t get caption on the field to compare to the starting positions. Please help me.