Drag&Drop component are not visible while dragging

Hi everybody,
when I copy the drag&drop components example to my environment and launch it, the components are not visible while they are moved to the target. When I look at the example on the vaadin sampler page, everything is fine. So I guess it’s not a problem of my system… I have no Idea what’s wrong. Is there a global setting to make components visible while they are moved? Any help would be highly appreciated.

I made a quick test and the
Component drag example
code seems to work OK in a different application as well.

You could have some sort of theme or widget set problem. Please check with Firebug in the Net tab that the theme is loaded correctly. You could also use ?debug to check the versions and that there’s no layout problems.

Thanks for the quick reply,
yes you are right. The problem was my custom Theme. Back to reindeer the problem disappeared. Thanks a lot.