Drag and Drop items between two panel??

I’m very interested by Drag and Drop introduced in Vaadin 6.3.0, and I test the
Drag components
example, it works correctly! But that implements the Drag and Drop inside the Same main component.
It is possible to use a
Drag and Drop items Between 2 panels
Thanks for reply

Dragging between two components or within one component is bascally the same.

shows how you can make a drag between a Table and a Tree.

thanks for reply, I well I’ll have to try it.

Hi, I try to drag and drop between two panels, that works fine. But I want the dragged object to stay in the source Panel (and appear in the target panel as well).
I can’t find any option to that, neither a copy constructor to copy the object before adding to target panel.

How do I do this?

Drag and drop what? Data items between tables, lists or trees? Or components?

Assuming you are talking about data items, this is not up to Vaadin but your code. Vaadin just tells you which item was dropped where and where it came from, but your application needs to handle any copying or removal. How to do it depends very much on the data and the containers used etc.

EDIT added information about dragging components:

If you do need to drag and drop components, note that a Vaadin component can only be in one location/layout, and there is no built-in support for copying components. If this is the case you are interested in, most likely you are constructing the components based on some underlying data, so you should use that data to create another component. Otherwise, you need to explicitly copy any relevant attributes in your code.

Thanks, my case was to drag Components between panels, no lists or treeviews. But I figured out that I needed to do my own copy-method of the objects that were dragged.
But thanks anyway!