Drag and Drop in Dialog

Hi guys, I have a really strange behavior in my Dialog.
I have two Grids and want to move items from one to another and in one of them I want to move the items around, too.
But I can’t drag any item. And no listener will be called when I try that. Only when I try that in a Dialog. Grid Drag and Drop works absolutly fine in a view.

Any idea what’s the reason?

I recognized that I can’t mark text in textfields per mouse click and move, too. Maybe the same reason that my mouse draging not given to the components that the listeners can react? Use Vaadin 24 and the vaadin documentation example.

Thanks for any idea.

That’s a bug in the latest 24.2.5 version, fixed in the next version. You can also go back to 24.2.4 in the meantime

Good to know. Thank you!