Drag and Drop Examples?

Are there any good examples of using Drag and Drop will create a stack that can be removed from and show the previous element if there? It looks like the example in the docs does it, but the code snippets aren’t quite enough and I am clearly missing something (probably simple). (Edit: You can think of it as cards in a deck that can be moved form one drop target to another exposing the next card in the stack).

What did you try so far? And what are the two components you are dragging from and to?

Right now I just have a VerticalLayout as the DragSource and a set of Divs as the drop target. I’m thinking that I need to leverage the DragEnd and DragStart events. But rather than just guessing how to do it, I was hoping to see some examples of it. I am pretty sure I’m missing something from the docs.

You are on the right track. I don’t have an example.

I could create the tomorrow if you don’t get any by then

appreciate the help!

I gave it a shot and did this. I’m sure there has to be a much better way. It works, though. Any suggestions on improvements? Disregard the look and feel of it :slightly_smiling_face:
Archive.zip (46.5 KB)

As far as I can see this looks good