Download API for offline use

Can you make the API available to download in a zip or somesuch? Many times I am not in range of an internet connection and would like to wander about the API. If it is available, can you post where it is. I didn’t find it on

Hi Alex,

The downloadable packages all contain the source code bundled inside the JAR files, so your IDE can display the JavaDoc for all methods as you type. If you want the JavaDocs in browsable HTML format, you could always download the javadoc.jar:s from


Thank you for the link. I now have the javadoc on my machine.
I hadn’t realized that maven was a repository, I have always thought of it as a build tool.
You are correct that eclipse will display the available methods and attributes, but sometimes I want to wander around and follow links to learn more about what is available. For example, I am currently trying to decide what collection to use for a large list of short strings which I want to display. And I would like to access it while on the ferry, where internet access is limited, or at my cabin, where it is unavailable.

The api documentation does not seem to be available in Maven for the last version (7.5.0). Being able to download that documentation is very useful to me as with my eyesight I cannot use the online version because of its insufficient contrast (see!/thread/8194750); otherwise I have to modify the text color using Firebug everytime I want to browse the api documentation – rather annoying.

I have written a small ant buildfile to generate offline api docs from the vaadin-server-${version}.jar.
Set the version (currently 7.5.3) and run it where you extracted the jar files of

ant -buildfile buildapidocs.xml

It uses the default stylesheet of the JDK.
You will need to adjust servletlibdir if you want to resolve classes from the servlet-api or wish to add other jar-files, e.g. for the validation API.
21018.xml (1.07 KB)

I have a problem that maybe is related. I can not work offline when I am commuting (in a train). Even with vaadin projects that are downloaded its trying all the time to conect to internet…is it any configuration that allow me to work offline?

You’re not providing a lot of into but this could be related to the build system you are using. Both Maven and Gradle require an internet connection but with Gradle at least, once its cache is populated (you’ve built the project while being connected to the internet), you should be able to work offline. With Gradle you run it with the “–offline” flag, with Maven I’m not sure.