Doubts about MVC and project architecture

I have a Vaadin 24 and Spring Boot project. I did not follow a specific pattern, but rather (being this my first Vaadin and Spring project) the Vaadin tutorial. I have some entities, a couple of services, repositories and the views and dialogs. The views include both the UI and the logic so I think I’m closer to a MVP pattern. Also I did not use the Controller annotation. Does it make sense for my application to follow an MVP pattern if Spring follows an MVC pattern?

There is no right or wrong answer. Go with the architecture you feel comfortable with and gets the job done

The goal of any software architecture is to keep code from becoming a big ball of mud. In addition to that, different architectural patterns attempt to make it easier to deal with various non-functional requirements, such as security, scalability, or extendability. If you don’t have any specific challenges in meeting your requirements, it’s best to go with a pattern you are most comfortable with.