Dontpush Ozonelayer Internet Explore 9 Issue

Hey Guys,

I am using the ozonelayer addon, and after adding the addon to my existing vaadin application, it is working correctly in Firefox and Chrome, however I am getting an error in Internet Explore 9, below is the warning which I get with Internet Explore 9, I don’t get this warning with Firefox or Chrome, I have tried deleting existing cookies and clearing existing sessions on the browser but I have had no luck. I noticed this warning is logged by the AmosphereDontPushHandler, inside the lookupResource() method.

WARNING: doServerMessage called before doCometImpl. Application server must have been restarted while clients were active
INFO: Failed to find resource for [0]

Any help would be truly appreciated as I have been fighting with this issue for two days now, thanks in advance.


What happens on the client side? Does the client side die or continue to work.

Which version of Vaadin and Ozonelayer are you using? Also please provide details about your server and hosting setup as they might be essential.


Hi Matti,

The addon works just fine when I add it to an application without authentication, this issue arises once I add the addon to an application which has form-based authentication which is a must have requirement for the application we are building.

We are using Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1.1 with WebSocket enabled, and developing in Eclipse on a windows 7 OS.

The client side just hangs and I get the loading indicator coming up continuously.
On the server side I get the following message being logged continuously as well.
INFO: Failed to find resource for [0]

INFO: Failed to find resource for [0]

The form-based authentication we are using was created using the following vaadin article titled:
Creating Secure Vaadin Applications using JEE6
. The section titled “Securing the Web Layer” describes the form-based authentication we are using in our application to the last detail, we have not implemented the securing the Transport Layer section however so we are not using SSL.

Once I enter my login credentials in the login page, and the form-based authentication successfully authenticates me, I am successfully forwarded to the home page of my vaadin application in Firefox 11.0 as well as Google Chrome Version (18.0.1025.142 m), however in Internet Explore 9 I get a blank page with the loading indicator continuously running. Your help and input is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Mohamed Ahmed


To get on with this I’d need to set up a project with similar setup. I have never played with that kind of stuff. You could help me here by creating a reduced test case (a minimal project that one can use to reproduce the issue). Also only an access to you application via internet might be enough for me to figure out what is going wrong.

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I got it working with form-based authentication (though not everything is perfect yet), I think your issue is Glassfish + Internet Explorer 9,By chance I found an issue on Glassfish Jira lastnight involving Glassfish+Comet+InterExploder 9. There is a Nullpointer generated in the Comet Websoket code… Patched in v 3.1.2 ( not released yet) So if possible try the Beta builds of Glassfish.

Do you get ANY logs in glassfish ?? , If it is the above mentioned issue there should be Nullpointer exception somewhere in your logs.

Also enable finer logging in the security in glassfish, there might be something going wrong there.

:4848 → Configurations->server-config->Logger Settings->Log Levels(tab)
set “” to Finest

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the late reply here, I have been trying to figure out the issue myself, unfortunately I have not had much luck. I was initially running GlassFish 3.1.1 so I upgraded to GlassFish 3.1.2, however that did not resolve the issue. I have created a small application as you had requested which contains the issue at hand. I took the small demo application on the DontPush OzoneLayer add-on page which uses the DontPush OzoneLayer add-on to update the progress of the progress indicator component and added form based authentication following the steps of the vaadin article titled: "
Creating Vaadin Applilcations Using JEE 6
". I have created two small application for comparison purposes on Eclipse Indigo and GlassFish 3.1.2 using the demo application’s code, one application has form based authentication while the other does not and simply shows the application just like the demo application.

I have attached two zipped folders which contain the two small applications described above. Each zipped folder contains the war application which you can drop into the autodeploy directory of GlassFish 3.1.2, I created the wars using GlassFish 3.1.2 as the target runtime. Each folder also contains the eclipse source code project which you should be able to import into eclipse as an existing Project if you wish to take a look at my configuration.

For the application which contains form based authentication, to simplify the set up and configuration process on the server side, I used the “File Security realm”. For that part all you will need to do is login to Glassfish admin console by going to http://localhost:4848, then navigate to Configuration - > default-config → Security → Realms → file.Then click on “Manage Users” button on top, then click on “New” button. Set the Group List field to “Admin” as that is the group role which I have created in the sun-web.xml file of my project and set the other fields with the username and password values as you wish. The configuration of the file security realm is also discussed in detail in the document which I referenced above.

The app without the authentication should run on Firefox,Chrome,Internet Explorer 9, however the app. with the authentication will run on FireFox, and Chrome but not Internet Explorer 9 once the user is authenticated. If you look at the logs while running on Internet Explore 9 you should see some warnings being logged.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to help me work through this issue.

Note: I was not able to attach the small projects I had created to this reply as I kept getting an Error from the message board, so I will email the projects to Matti directly instead.

Mohamed Ahmed

Hi Guys,

I had forgotten to mention one very important step in the previous post. In order for the Dontpush Ozonelayer addon to work correctly in GlassFish, GlassFish 3.1.1 needs to have COMET support enabled. This is done by logging into the admin console of GlassFish at http://localhost:4848, then navigating to Configuration → Server Config → Network Config → Network Listeners → http-listener-1 from the left menu panel, and then finally clicking on the HTTP tab, and enabling COMET support by putting a check mark next to “COMET Support enabled” checkbox. Just to clarify here this step is to enable COMET support only so that the addon works on other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, but this does not address the issue am having with this addon, IE 9, and form based authentication as reported earlier in this thread.

Mohamed Ahmed