DontPush Ozone Layer troubles

Hello everyone,

I got some troubles when I try to integrate the DontPush Ozone add-on in my application.

I followed the wiki and so added the AtmosphereServlet in my web.xml as following

                  <!-- prevent deadlocks -->
          <!--Uncomment if you want to use Servlet 3.0 Async Support
          <async-supported>true</async-supported> -->

I replaced the Vaadin Application Servlet class by <servlet-class>org.vaadin.dontpush.server.DontPushOzoneServlet</servlet-class>

I also added the atmosphere.xml file in src/main/resources/META-INF folder.

But when I start my application I got the following message :
“Ooops…Connection to server appears to be broken. This may be due to a temporary network problem or the server has gone is offline or very busy. The connection may return automatically or you may try to reconnect/restart your app.”

And my error console says :
org.atmosphere.cpr.AtmosphereMappingException: No AtmosphereHandler found. Make sure you define it inside META-INF/atmosphere.xml or annotate using @AtmosphereHandlerService

FYI I’m using Spring Security but when I remove all the intercept-urls, nothing change.

I totally have no idea where the problem comes from as I got the atmosphere.xml file.


“Forum debugging” this kind of issues would be much easier if you could post both web.xml and atmosphere.xml configs.

I thinks somebody else had a similar issue just a while ago. From you web.xml snippet I see you have mapped you application to “app/” ? You could check if modifying the path in atmosphere.xml to contain that as well would help.


First of all thanks for helping me.

I’ve already tried to modify the path in atmosphere.xml to include /app and nothing changed. This is my atmosphere.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <atmosphere-handler context-root="/app/UIDL"  class-name="org.vaadin.dontpush.server.AtmosphereDontPushHandler">

And my web.xml is in the attach files.
12622.xml (6.73 KB)

Your web.xml is incorrect. the for the Vaadin servlet should be /app

My bad, you have that mapping. Your web.xml is hard to read as it appears corrupted upon download. You do not need the mapping /VAADIN/* plus that mapping is incorrect. If your Vaadin app is at /app/* then all the Vaadin resources will be at /app/VAADIN/*. You might also be getting a conflict since you are mapping *.html to Spring’s DispatcherController as this servlet might be intercepting the [widgetset name]
.cache.html although from your description it sounds unlikely. Also, your web.xml is invalid with respect to the XSD and you are using 3.0 mappings () in it while your web.xml declares it is only 2.4 compliant.