Looks similar to Vaadin and the Vaadin team may get something interesting from here so sharing here

Dominokit has a similar architecture as Vaadin 8. Both are based on GWT so generating JavaScript Code from Java Code

IMO Vaadin Flow is more modern and allows to use of reusable webcomponents

I agree, @adaptable-uakari . But I have a feeling that @nice-camel is pointing of ‘missing comments’

What do you mean by “missing comments?”

I personly don’'t, but probebly he is looking for more components…

I just wanted to point there is something similar so it may give the team some new look/experience. I mean, this framework may have some good things which can be adopted in Vaadin as well because that is how I learn. I check others code and samples and that makes the development progress quicker and also our thinking also widens

Now I got you. I’m sure they are well aware of all the other frameworks. But thanks anyway

I don’t think I’ve seen DominoKit before. Thanks for sharing!