Does Vaadin work with GraalVM

We started working on migrating our Spring Boot apps to GraalVM. Being that our Vaadin apps are built on Spring Boot, we are looking to migrate them too.

  1. Do we know if Vaadin works with GraalVM?
  2. Is there an official effort to support GraalVM from the Vaadin team?

Do you mean native compilation?
You can take a look at the following documentation page

Yup that’s exactly what I mean. Impressed that the instructions on that page are so short and match Spring Boot 3’s steps. I guess that means the Vaadin framework does not do any reflection or proxy shenanigans.

It does such things, but Artur and Marcus made sure they coordinate with Spring and implement the needed GraalVM customization listener to make sure Spring knows what it has to include (but I’m not sure how mature it is, it was just added)