Does unbufferred grid support these features?

Hello Folks,

We are contemplating the use of Grid component demoed at ( Before going in for POC I would want to check with you, if unbufferred grid supports following features/requirements.

  • Frozen Columns
  • Header/Grouped SubHeaders
  • Grouped/individual Column Movement
  • Editable Columns
  • Column Movement
  • Show/Hide Columns
  • CSS style to specific rows/cells

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Anyone ?

I think your question is in wrong category. The Grid demo you are refering to is not the Vaadin Core Elements Grid, but regular Grid of the Vaadin Framework. The unbuffered mode is added feature in Grid compononent of the Framework, and it was introduced 7.6. It means that all the other features of the Framework Grid can be used together with it. So if this is the scope of your question, the answer to your question is yes.

We are also thinking of using un-buffered grid & would like to trap as user is done with changes in a cell.
Tried transactional container from!/thread/11901805/11901804 which seem to trap the changes.

Is there anything built-in in Vaadin unbuffered grid e.g. similar to commit hooks ?


Setting a text editor fileld for a grid column and adding blur listener is enough to capture new value user has modified in that cell. We are using this to perform similar actions on commit hook for un-buffered grid.

Moved this topic under the Framework UI category.