Does Tree support double click?

I know Table support double click by watch sample :

        but  to Tree, seems not OK:

        this.treSourceTree.addListener(new ItemClickEvent.ItemClickListener()  {
		public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent event)
			if (event.getButton()==ItemClickEvent.BUTTON_LEFT && event.isDoubleClick()){

         when I double click tree, event.isDoubleClick()  always return false, 
         the first click highlight the item, the second click unhighlight the tiem.

         so Tree does  not support double click?

         in SWING can simulate double click with ClickCount:

         if ((event.getButton() == MouseEvent.BUTTON1) && (event.getClickCount() == 2))

Maybe I click too fast,
when I slow down the speed of click, event.isDoubleClick() seems return true, though it is very rare.

or where can I adjust the interval of double click in Vaadin codes.

Seems like a bug to me. I managed to repeat the same problem with a Tree in selectable mode (setSelectable(true)). Please write a bug report in
Vaadin trac

Double click seems to work when you set setSelectable(false). Maybe this could be used as a workaround if item selection is not needed in your case.

Double click interval can’t be adjusted by the Vaadin server side API. Not sure if its possible by the GWT API either because double click is a browser dependant event.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, when setSelectable(false), double click work fine
but can not popup menu when right click

I found: when setSelectable(true), double click the item of tree, no effect
but then click the arrow before the item, so will effect.

This was
ticket #6845
, fixed in Vaadin 6.6.4.

Thank you.

I update to 6.6.5
always occurs the

at com.ncs.exchangeconnect.designer.core.ItemTree.getActions(
at com.vaadin.ui.Tree.paintContent(

Do make sure you have recompiled/updated the widgetset if you are using a custom one.

The NPE itself occurs inside your ItemTree, so you should check there why your getActions() implementation fails.

Thank you.


This bug occurred in 6.7.4 again. Double click on the tree node, the event.isDoubleClick() always return false.
Could you please take a look? Thanks a lot.

This is probably related to
ticket #5691
, but is more specific than that - maybe the double click events are never sent to the server and only the single click events are. If you can create a simple test case, please
create a ticket
about this with links to this forum thread and ticket #5691.

Thanks for reply.
The ticket has been submitted.
Ticket #8384

nothing to do with setImmediate(false); the bug is with setSelectable(true) set it to false because when tree is double clicked it behaves as single click for some browser you can check in firefox browser but if setSelectable(false) for any browser it works fine for double click for a tree

I’m suffering from this, too.
Vaadin 7.7.10 here.