Does someone use Apache2 as Proxy (reverse proxy) to a Vaadin Application?

I’m trying to get my Vaadin application to run behind an apache2. But I face this error a lot:

Resynchronizing UI by client's request. A network message was lost before reaching the client and the client is reloading the full UI state. This typically happens because of a bad network connection with packet loss or because of some part of the network infrastructure (load balancer, proxy) terminating a push (websocket or long-polling) connection. If you are using push with a proxy, make sure the push timeout is set to be smaller than the proxy connection timeout

Does anyone have a working setup with apache2 or do I miss something?

You can probably adopt this to your infrastructure

And make sure you are on the latest version, there were fixes in the past weeks about it.

thx :slightly_smiling_face: I will try that.