Does it exist a resizable component implemenation ?

I find a generic component that can be resized. Eg: on the bottom-right of the component, the user can resize the component.
A method like: addResizeListener() …
See the attachment for TextField resizable.

Does it exit ? a Vaadin add-on ?

I don’t know of any components that can be resized out of the box. Except for the Window component though.

I didn’t know much about resize so I googled it. This might help out:

resize: both
for the TextArea component works at least.

@Joacim: This is just resize by CSS, you can not change the component behavior in function of component size.

Yes, that is resize by CSS.

What exactly do you want to do? Listen for resize events?

I want to listen for resize events in server side.

I am using this sucessfully :slight_smile:!addon/sizereporter

The sizeReporter is just to inform you when the component size is changed (eg: when the user resizes the web browser).

I want more than that. A component that the user can resize it (by pressing and moving the cursor at the bottom right of the component, see the attachment file of my first message). And when the component size is changed, we can handle this event in the server side.

FYI: The resizablecsslayout is exactly what I want.!addon/resizablecsslayout-add-on