Documentation and code mess

I liked Vaadin a lot, but after 2 days I’m completely lost in documentation. I dont know if I should use 7alfa or 7.1.1
The code has totally changed in nimor version. Should I expect to rewrite everything when 7.1.2 is released ?
What maven dependency to use ? Panel is not container anymore ? Is book of vaadin updated to Alfa or latest.
I feel like I’m using Tapestry and I do not want use Tapestry again inmy life!
Please slow down!!! Don’t need to change everything at once!

Hi, where have you found Vaadin 7 alpha version? It may still be possible to download it from the version-specific download page, but other current pages should not link to that anymore, as it’s some 2 years old.

There are usually very little if any API changes between maintenance versions (such as 7.1.x), and usually no backward-incompatible API changes between minor versions (such as 7.1 and 7.2). There were many backward-incompatibilities between Vaadin 6 and 7, and between 7 alpha and beta releases, before the final release. Alpha versions are really unstable development releases, and the API will usually change radically before the stable release.

For a description of the alpha and beta versions, see
Software release cycle
in Wikipedia.