Do do I get to the window of an InlineDateField from its ValueChangeEvent?

When creating an InlineDateField named “datePicker” in code:

datePicker.addListener( new Property.ValueChangeListener() {
    public void valueChange( ValueChangeEvent event ) {
    // How to access other widgets in the window from here?

how can the code inside that “valueChange” method access the Window and the Window’s properties & widgets?

It seems that InlineDateField only allows adding listeners of type Property.ValueChangeListener. That listener passes an event of type Property.ValueChangeEvent. Unfortunately that event type does not provide a getComponent or getWindow method.

Is this a design flaw of InlineDateField, or, more likely, am I failing to see the correct approach?

–Basil Bourque

You can say:

((InlineDateField) event.getProperty()).getWindow();