Displaying unlimited number of rows in a table


My current solution is to override the underlying container.size() so that it never exceeds the limit, effectively hiding the extra rows from view and making them unbrowsable. Is there any way to increase the limit?

You may do it programmatically, Fetch only a portion of the record sets from database, or whatever data source you are using

In general, scrolling is practically useless when dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of rows - finding the location you are interested in becomes almost impossible without browsing through numerous screenfuls of data.

I would strongly recommend (also for usability) providing some mechanism for the user to easily filter the data source so that only a subset of the data would be in the table.

As for the limit: it is related to a limitation of browsers and thus the client side scrolling mechanism of the table would need to be rewritten completely to significantly increase the limit.