Displaying bullet or number list on a HTML-Label

In my application I have a RichTextArea for user input.
I also have a Label with its contentMode set to ContentMode.HTML. This Label is meant for showing the value it gets from the RichTextArea.

The said Label correctly shows linechanges, bold, italic, underlined text, hyperlinks etc.
BUT it doesn’t show bullet or number lists.

For example this:

  • bullet1
  • bullet2
  • bullet3

Shows in the label as:

Any clue on why this one particular feature won’t show correctly in the Label?

Thank you.

Okay it seems that the project had some css-settings that I wasn’t aware of and that “broke” everything that uses indentation, including padding. I found these two lines which caused it:

  • {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

So, case is closed.