Display error messages directly

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I’m developing a web app in Vaadin, which involves a large number of forms. Currently, all the screens have been created, and I ran them past a couple of test users (4) to checkout their usability. All of them had the same comment; when a validation error occurred, it was not clear what the problem was - none of them thought about hovering their mouse over the error indicator (if they even noticed the indicator) to get the precise error message.

I read in the Book of Vaadin that the placement of the error indicator is managed by the layout in which the component is contained. However, it doesn’t seem to say anything about directly showing the error message. Is it possible to do this (preferrably, without having to implement a custom widget set)?

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Solved in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22020499/display-error-messages-directly-in-vaadin-7