Display component in sortable column inside Table

Hi all,

Sorry, I want to re-ask a question from thread http://vaadin.com/forum/-/message_boards/message/89345 because it seems no more update on that unanswered thread.

I want to ask a question for a common use case (in my opinion), like:

  • I have a boolean property in my POJO, but instead of displaying “true” and “false” (which is the default) I want to display a green check or a red cross icon, and I want the column still sortable

  • I have an email property (String) in my POJO, and I want to display it as Link component inside table, and I want the column still sortable

Is there any way to do above case using BeanItemContainer ?
Or do I have to make my custom container ?

Using Table.addGeneratedColumn() can do above things easily, but the column will not sortable.

Thanks in advance…