Display bug

Hi vaadin’s User,

I have a little display bug, I don’t know how resolve this.
It’s happen when I create a liferay plugin with a liferay portlet.
I use vaadin 6.8.8 with add-on liferay control panel.

Picture of the bug :

Thanks to help me.


I assume you have upgraded the Vaadin version in your Liferay instance. There might be some issue with the vaadin themes. Please read through the upgrade instuctions
, especially point 5 of the manual update process. Please post again to let us know if a proper update solved your issue or not - we can then explore other options.



Thanks for your answer.
Yes my vaadin is the last in my liferay instance.

I find a post on liferay forum who’s speak about :

I am trying to use a liferay and vaadin theme sync.

(Sry for my english)